Moment Makers

At PNK, we have terrific team members who bring our company values to life every day and deliver excellent service to our guests. They live and breathe our mission to create Magical & Memorable Moments for our guests and team members. They are our Moment Makers.

L’Auberge Baton Rouge Says "Yes"

L'Auberge Baton Rouge

Staying in our L’Auberge Baton Rouge hotel was a bride and groom who were set to say their “I Do’s” that afternoon. However, due to the weather, just hours before their wedding, their venue, photographer, and DJ canceled on their big day. While our property was also working with minimal staffing due to the weather, our team rallied together to create a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for the couple and their families. From taking off to the grocery store to gather flowers and create bouquets, gathering music for our IT Manager to DJ to, planning dinner and cocktails, and becoming photographers for the day, our Baton Rouge team joined together to create a truly Magical & Memorable day.

“There needs to be a way to give this place more than 5 stars. My brother was getting married this weekend, but with the horrible rain andflooding their venue canceled on them. We were stuck in the casino hotel with two broken hearted people just wanting to have a wedding. The staff at L’Auberge took matters into their own hands and pulled out all the stops. They found us a room, flowers, music and set up for us and everything. They worked so hard just to make sure the wedding would still happen, and it was truly an amazing thing to see. Thank you so much. Y’all really made some dreams come true last night.” - Tana

Sweet Dreams Kansas City

Ameristar Casino Hotel, Kansas City

While making his hotel reservation at our Ameristar Casino Hotel in Kansas City, our guest put in a humorous request that he thought would be overlooked. Instead, Lead Front Desk Clerk James Cazzell and the Hotel Front Desk team made this light-hearted comment a reality, turning an ordinary hotel stay into one this guest will always remember.

“I put a goofy request in the comment/request section when booking the room. I did not think anything of it, it was a joke that I wanted a picture of Chuck Norris wishing me sweet dreams as it helps me to sleep at night. When I got to my room, there it was, framed and signed by the Ameristar staff! "This wasn't just a joke, this exemplified the customer service and going above and beyond. My stay was pleasant, but because of this, it made it completely memorable. I have told all my friends and coworkers and have sang the praises of the KC Ameristar on social media. I will recommend the Ameristar to everyone.” - Brian